Find out how to Bathe a Cat

Some cat homeowners draw back from giving their cats a shower as a result of they know that they “hate water”, and are afraid that it might be too traumatic for his or her pet. Additionally, they know that cats “bathe themselves”, and are underneath the misperception that they don’t want baths. Nonetheless, they do want baths to assist them keep clear and looking out their finest, and it doesn’t damage them in any respect 아이해잇케이지.

Be sure that the water temperature is intently matched to the temperature of the cat, and maintain the temperature fixed. It ought to really feel neither heat nor cool to them.

Make sure you keep away from getting water on their face or of their ears.

In case your cat goes loopy and tries to run, get some assist. Have one other particular person maintain your kitty by grabbing it across the shoulders whereas it’s standing within the tub, letting you do the shampooing. Use specially-made cat shampoo which is accessible at any pet provide retailer. When you’ve got a long-haired breed, there may be additionally conditioner which might help detangle their fur.

With the fur clear, the cat’s coat can be a lot shinier and healthy-looking. It additionally makes it simpler to comb and brush the fur of long-haired breeds.

Make sure you rinse the animal very totally. Cats clear themselves with their tongues, and any shampoo or conditioner residue leftover from the bathtub might trouble their stomachs.

If you find yourself completed, wrap the cat in a big towel. You will need to maintain the animal heat when you are drying it, to attenuate the trauma of the bathtub. If a cat feels very chilly, it’ll resist the bathtub much more the subsequent time.

You should use a hair dryer to assist dry the cat shortly, however maintain the dryer on low warmth and low energy. Some cats is not going to tolerate the sound of the dryer, however if you happen to stay calm and agency, sustaining soothing dialog along with your cat by the whole course of, it might probably assist maintain the cat from changing into too scared.

Whereas drying the cat, use a brush or comb with broad tooth too comb out the fur. This helps it dry shortly and prevents tangles.

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